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21/11/2018 - 11:21 AM
Every journey of us takes you inside a country's culture - inside to meet people there. And this journey is designed particularly for you to meet our people. 

Headquartered in Hanoi - Vietnam, our people have travelled to various countries in South East Asia and East Asia including China, Japan and Korea. As a group, they possess depth and unequaled knowledge about Asian travel industry.

Our company is contributed by professional travel advisors and teams of qualified administrators. In addition, our strong alliance with experienced local travel suppliers and wholesalers across Indochina helps us to enhance the quality of our travel services and not less importantly, keep our prices highly competitive over the market. You are sure to be impressed by the caliber, professionalism and true passion for Indochina which are shared by our experienced staffs. From our country managers in Indochina to our team, we are pleased to introduce you to some members of our ever-growing faamily.

Our people
We are Vietnamese people, and whilst a young company our people have many years experience in tourism. We pride ourselves on deep commitment and great passion for developing and disseminating the beauty of Asian countries to the rest of the world, especially that of our home country of Vietnam. We are a team of well – experienced in tourism, client - orientation in serving, motivation and efficiency in communication. We have a team of well - trained, high standard, multi-languages and reliable tour guides We enjoy an excellent credit and reputation in Indochina tourist industry and among our clients.

Our Encouragement
We encourage you to do things below:

   1. Take picture as many as possible because you will send us some of your best picture after coming home for travel picture competition. The prize is your next selected Indochina Trip (8 days and 7 nights) for two persons. Please read our term and condition for detail information.
   2. Write to us after your trip via E-Mail at: managingteam@indochinatours-online.com or Download E-Evaluation form at Contact us. Please help us to improve our services for your family or friends who may book our services in the future. We believe that with your wide travel experiences and travel knowledge we will take a long step to perfect our services in the future.

Our mission
We are working hard to offer tourists all over the world a reliable travel agent based in Vietnam and specialized in Indochina excellent services, unique journeys to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia with very competitive prices. We are very enthusiastic to cater your need and to assist you in planning unforgettable holidays in Indochina.

Besides, for better services to our clients, we commit to your requests within 24 hours. We are now growing to become one of the most efficient and successful tour company with commitment to reliability, excellent services and competitive pricing. We bring values to the outside world and, in the same time, we embrace the responsibility for the existing values preservation, especially Vietnam tourism.

Vietnam tourism specifically is growing day by day together with direct and indirect damage. In a poor country, the obvious wealth of people from developed countries is a powerful lure. Unsustainable use of natural areas and exploitation of natural resources is a growing concern.

Generally, it is a big issue for most of undeveloped countries; that is not obtaining income from tourism activities. Thus, unlike many Vietnam tour companies, we take our responsibility towards protecting the culture and environment of the countries. We call upon visitors to keep the originality of each destination including people, culture, environment and society. We develop Vietnam tourism and oriented countries as a means of improving the income of local people.

Our Style
Small Groups-Big Smile

Small group travel allows for flexibility, informality, time and friendship, which is why our journeys operate with a slogan “Small group with Big smile”. Because groups are small, we are able to accommodate the interests of our travellers while allowing plenty of opportunities for independent exploration and we can go deeply to satisfy all needs of customers. We offer the ease and flexibility of independent travel without the hassles and obligation.

We also offer longer time in each stop for self discover and picture time so the trip will stay longer in their mind. Unlike big group tour guide speak like a radio, Small group allows tour guide to offer wider and deeper commentaries so you will get more information about your interested fields. You give save your time every morning for your destinations because you don’t have to wait for the other even a minute. Finally, according to tourism reseachers travelling in small group is the prospective orientation not the big one.

Our Travellers-Our World
As a traveller with Oriental Tours, expect to be captivated by all of the wonders of the country or countries you travel in.Your travel experience will be, in equal parts, what we do for you and what you do for yourself. One of the most striking features of our travellers is their diversity. They span all ages, different ethnic groups and religions, they come from all over the world and they bring with them a wide variety of interests and backgrounds. What they share is a love of Asia and a love of new land

Oriental Specialist
At Oriental Tours, we are proud to stake our claim as a true specialist. Oriental is our home. We are made a bigger commitment to Indochina than any small group travel company by basing ourselves in the region. Our offices across our three countries, employing both local and expatriate staff, enable us to stay ahead of everyone else. Our bases in Indochina also allow us to offer the best combination of value, experience and timely on the ground support to our travellers.

Innovative and individually-designed Itineraries
Some travel companies equate expertise with a large raft of itineraries. Not us. The tours in this brochure represent the best of each country and will suit a variety of interests. Many travellers looking for a more extensive regional experience choose to combine two – or more – of our journeys.

Each Small Group Journey is paced to give you time to develop familiarity with the key places we visit. We usually give you chance to explore places in some depth rather than constantly moving at the expense of your experience. For several trips, we offer both Standard and Deluxe options. Standard hotels are clean, comfortable and centrally located while our Deluxe hotels include some of Asia’s most historic and atmospheric accommodation.

Leave Something Back-Take Something Out
Orieant Tours supports the Agent Orange victim throughout Vietnam and Charity Centers which assists disadvantaged, poor and disabled children through education. We also support landmine victims in Cambodia by giving them a chance to work, to improve their education, health and living standards. Many of our travellers are keen to contribute to countries they visit. This may be as simple as the interaction they have with local people – their efforts to build an understanding of culture, history or a simple exchange of stories with local people in a village, restaurant or school.

Others are interested to make a monetary contribution to organizations active in the advancement of child welfare, education or health in the region they are visiting. Your local guide will be more than happy to assist you in making contact with local organizations. After visiting destination, what you would like to share with your people is what it make your suitcase bigger and heavier and what it make you become a day-long story teller. Pictures and memory are always something that help you remember a wonderful time in your life.

Our services
We offer the following services:
• Inbound and Outbound tours
• Hotel Booking
• Ticket reservation
• Visa Arrangements
• Transportation service

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Oriental Tours' head office is placed in Hanoi, Vietnam. We also has an office in Toronto, Canada We are proud of our professional and experienced staff, and our company is growing in the field of hospitality industry. Oriental Tours is an impressive International Tour Operator, providing organized and tailor-made tours, hotel reservations, airline and transport booking service and personalized transporting services.

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We would like to introduce you "Oriental Tours Vietnam" is one of the best inbound travel agency in Vietnam. Our product focused in providing Indochina packages regarding to local culture and Indochina lifestyle

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We've now been back from our holiday for a couple of weeks and just had to write to thank you again for the tour you organized for us in Vietnam. Everything went smoothly - the 3 guides who took care of us along the way were excellent (friendly, knowledgeable and helpful).